Melissa Bell, McKinley Elementary

Jessica Bible, Drug Court PRSS

Tammy Bivings, Drug Court Case Manager

Audrey Bode, Human Resources

Chesley Bowles, Financial Manager

Tennille Chestnut, Youth Shelter Supervisor

Jadyn Christiansen, Longfellow Middle School

Chantel Delaware, Taft Elementary

Brittany Earhart, Adams Elementary

Megan Foale, Shelter

Hannah Fryer, Executive Director

Lauren Gomez-Turner, Adams Elementary

Holly Good, Family Treatment Court Coordinator



Josh Guinn, Clinical Director

Jack Hodgden, Coolidge Elementary

Tasha Jantzen, Counselor

MacKenzy Johns, Development Director

Katana Jones, Waller Middle School

Amanda Lalman, Prairie View & Monroe Elementary

Shannon Landwehr, Residential Services Director

Joy Latta, Shelter

Regina Lewis, Shelter

Yosbelli Lora, Specialty Courts Case Manager

Shawna Loundbury, Drug Court Case Manager

Jacie Mitschelen, Drug Court PRSS

Sharon Morris-Robinette, Assistant Clinical Director

Euvonna Pecha, Shelter





Jeanice Polwort, Clinician

LaVena Raynor, Garfield & Hayes Elementary

Mariah Ramsey, Drug Court Case Manager

Jay Redelsperger, Administrative Support Specialist

Shylah Ridgway, Social Work Supervisor

Chambrea Smith, Drug Court Case Manager

Brianna Stephens, Glenwood Elementary

Jennifer VonRhein, Shelter

Linda Waggoner, Billing Manager

Jaidan Watashe, Billing Assistant

Lisa Young, Shelter


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If you are interested in more information about our Board of Directors or have an interest in serving in some capacity with the Youth & Family Services Board, reach out and let us know who you are and we will be in touch!