Youth & Family Services has one of the largest Outpatient Counseling services in the area. With nearly 30 licensed (or under supervision for licensure) counselors and a crew of other support resources such as case managers, we can help. Whether you feel the problem is large or small, it is affecting YOUR quality of life and deserves attention.

Youth and Family Services is not just for children. We offer individual, family, and group programs to help children, teenagers, adults, and families. We now have open appointments for adult counseling sessions available during the day. Our person-centered clinicians work with you to develop treatments to help everything from family adjustment issues to dealing with some of life’s hardest problems, including substance abuse. We also have counselors trained in top evidence based techniques such as Trauma Informed CBT and Seeking Safety. All of the counselors at Youth and Family Services are continuously improving their training.

In addition to outpatient counseling, we offer Anger Management and Parenting classes. Our anger management are for people of any age. Adults attend groups with men and women struggling with issues of controlling anger. We have both teen and pre-teen classes as well. The adult course is a 6-week program while the teen course is open and ongoing. Our 4- week “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®” course provides practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children and help them prepare their kids for the real world.

Major insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and Sliding Fees are all accepted forms of payment. Many youth will qualify under our grants to be seen with no additional costs to the family.

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