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Want to save the world? We are doing it one child at a time at Youth and Family Services (YFS). But we need your talents. Please consider donating your time to YFS. Mentoring has the power to change lives. A recent survey of Oklahoma mentoring programs conducted by the Boren Mentoring Initiative found that the most common positive outcomes of programs surveyed included improved academic performance, healthier relationships with others, improved behavior and increased self-esteem.

The most common length of stay for children and youth in the shelter is 7 to 10 days. However, it is not uncommon for youth to stay longer while their transition to a more permanent home is worked out. The majority of youth residing in our Emergency Youth Shelter have faced serious traumatic events. For those young people who must stay longer than 10 days, we’ve found it beneficial to offer them a mentor. Mentors visit with the youth, build relationships, and are allowed to take youth off campus for activities such as getting an ice cream, having a picnic, attending a movie, etc… For a youth who must worry where his or her next home will be, activities such as these can be a real blessing.

Youth and Family Services maintain strict criteria for volunteers who wish to mentor. A thorough background check by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) will be completed as well as fingerprints. The cost of this is covered by YFS. On the following pages you will find the OSBI Criminal History Record Information Request and the Criminal History Review Request for Individuals form. Please fill out only the SUBJECT INFORMATION box on the OSBI form and complete the additional pages in full and sign. Bring the completed forms to the YFS office and an appointment for fingerprinting will be made for you. As soon as results are returned, generally within 2 weeks, we will notify you and add you to our roster of mentors. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated!

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