With help from the United Way of Enid and Northwest Oklahoma and the Department of Human Services, Youth and Family Services recently became a Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) provider.

“I am very excited for YFS to be able to offer Parent-Child Interactive Therapy services to Enid and the surrounding communities,” says clinical director Pamela Bookout. “This evidence-based model has shown to build stronger relationships, attachment, and bonding between the child and the parent. This fits perfectly with our mission which is to value, support, and care for individuals and families to build a stronger community.”

It has been shown to improve functioning in families where an adult has substance abuse and/or mental health issues, in families that have been affected by Interpersonal Violence, and in families where child abuse is suspected or has already occurred.

The first phase of the program focuses on relationship enhancement and improved communications between a parent and child. During this phase, a PCIT-certified counselor uses an ear bud device to coach parents through situations that arise during child-directed play.

The second phase of the program shifts the focus to parent-directed play. In this phase the parent uses safe and effective disciplinary techniques to help the child learn to accept limits, follow directions, respect rules, and behave appropriately in public. Studies have shown that these improved behaviors often carry over into other settings such as school, reducing the need for disciplinary action.

Youth and Family Services is committed to breaking through the barriers that limit access to quality outpatient mental health services. Individuals and families without adequate insurance may qualify for sliding scale fees.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call YFS at (580) 233-7220.