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Where Is God?

One of the most difficult questions for a counselor to answer: “Is there really a God?”  This was the first question a 14 year old girl asked her counselor. Her follow-up question was: “And if there is, why doesn’t He love me?” This is a question posed by many children who seem to have fallen out from under God’s protection.

Children who have prayed, hovering under blankets, that their abusive parent would not come home to hurt them again; children who go to sleep asking God to let there be food in the kitchen when they get up; Children who want to believe in something, yet see no response.

The counselor took this child by the hand and told her, “You see, yes there is a God and He sent you here. He sent you here so that I and others can help you. We will do everything we can to see that you are not hurt again.” She began to cry. She had considered “the system” a curse brought upon her and now she realized that her prayer had actually been answered.

This child is still in our program and is truly a difficult case. She has problems in trusting people because of the hurt in her life. She has difficulty believing that her future can hold something bright for her. Yet, we will not give up on her, we will continue, we will work hard until she learns that God does exist and he cares for little children just like her.

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality and privacy.

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